Sunday, 10 September 2017

Our trip to MOTAT

This term we have been studying the past & the present.  To finish off our topic, we had a trip to MOTAT to have a look at all the old buildings and the way people lived in the past.  Luckily, the weather was beautiful and we were able to walk around to have a look at some of the attractions.  We even have a ride on the tram to finish off the day.

All the boys were very willing to pose for some photos in between rain showers.

We waited patiently for the tram.  The boys enjoyed the ride!

We all enjoyed having a look and experiencing some of the attractions.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Geometry - Shapes

Our Maths topic this term has been Geometry.  We are learning to match and draw shapes, the shapes we are concentrating on are circle, triangle and square.  We have used a thematic approach and integrated our maths topic into Literacy, Sensory and Art. 

Liam attended to all our activities with little prompting. 

Chi worked well with matching the shapes.

Kevin enjoyed the hands on activities. 
Joricho sat and attended to our activities with little prompting.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Letter Recognition

Literacy - Letter Recognition

We have been learning about the letters of the alphabet.  We had food that began with the letter to taste, sensory elements to explore and songs to listen to.  Our senses helped us to identify the different letters.
Chi attended well to our sessions.  He loved the sausages!

Byron was enthusiastic about participating in our taste testing.

Liam loved the onions on his sausage!

Joricho was very compliant with washing his face.  Water is definitely an incentive!

Kevin liked the feel of the sand through his fingers.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Drama with Genevieve

We have had Drama with Genevieve this term.  We have all enjoyed listening to the story of the Tamaki tuna (eel) of Sommerville.  The boys have showed a lot of enthusiasm when exploring the magical eel and participating in the fun activities with Genevieve.  All the boys sat and attended to the activities for the duration of the session.  Very proud!!

Key Competency:             Managing Self

I can:         Participate in a familiar activity that has been set for me with support.

Kevin was able to point to the tuna on the smartboard.

Kevin listened intently to Genevieve talking through the tube.
Byron held onto the bungy for the duration of our song without prompting.
Byron listened with interest when it was his turn to listen through the tube and even attempted to talk through it.
Byron was able to copy the beat on the wood.
Joricho was a star at copying the beat on the wood!
Joricho maintained eye contact when Genevieve was speaking to him

Liam was very focussed on Genevieve during our sessions.

Liam also had a go at making his own sounds through the tube.

Liam was able to point out the tuna while Genevieve was reading to him.
Chi showed some interest in the big tuna.

Chi attempted to blow through the tube to Genevieve.

Chi was very curious about the tuna's magic throat that lit up!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas 2016

Tamaki One went to Sylvia Park to visit Santa on the 8th December.  We all had such a good time and even had a ride on the Santa carousal which was really fun!

We managed to arrive just in time for the carousal ride to open.

Byron was very curious about Santa's dress.

The boys all received a book from Santa.

Kevin was very willing to stop, turn and pose for the camera.

Chi gave Santa a big high five to say 'thanks' before he took his book.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Sommerville Special School pride themselves in celebrating the cultural diversity of our students.  This term, we have celebrated Matariki ( Maori New Year) and Tongan Language Week.  Staff and students have taken part in Waiata (song) and dance (kanikani). These are some of the highlights of our celebrations;

This is our Maori Flag

Our classes all participated in our own waiata and dance for the Whanau (family)

Tamaki Primary came over to perform for us.

Tamaki 1 performed a poi waiata & were awesome at swinging the poi! 

The library was decorated with Maori art from classes at Tamaki & Sommerville.  We also had a 'hakari', (Celebratory luncheon) for the whanau.  

Our Tongan Community at the school graciously put on a luncheon for staff & students to share some of their culture through food and music.
This is the flag of Tonga
This is the traditional dress for men in Tonga
This is a Tongan performance.
We have all been spoiled with different cultural performances and food.  Thank you so much to all staff involved in our cultural experiences! 
Donna Ryan made a speech thanking the Tongan Whanau for sharing their traditional food. 
We all enjoyed the kai (food) that was provided.  We were all so full after!